These Frequently Asked Questions form part of our terms and conditions as well as contain information about your session. Please read carefully and download a copy for future use.


Where will my session be held?

Your photo session will be held in my home studio at 90 Webb Rise, Stevenage SG1 5PD. There is no vehicle access to the front of the house so please come along the road by the garages and up the back garden to the extension at the rear where the photo session will take place.

Can I Cancel my Booking?

You may cancel your booking with us at any time. Your booking fee is non-refundable though your session may be rearranged, subject to a minimum of 72 hours notice. Cancellations for reasons other than last minute illnesses, or no-shows, will forfeit the booking fee. Replacement appointments are subject to availability.

When Is The Balance Due?

The balance showing on your invoice is due to be paid at the end of your session. It is possible to upgrade the package or purchase additional products while you are here. You can also purchase further products after you have seen your gallery.

How Can I Pay?

Our preferred payment for balances is by internet bank transfer which you can easily do using your mobile banking app at the end of the session. You can also pay by Paypal in the same way or by credit/debit card with chip & pin. Cash is also accepted but please bring exact money only please.

What If You Are Ill?

Cancellation by Bright Eyes Photography due to photographer illness is a rare occurrence but if this does happen, every effort will be made to reschedule as soon as possible.

What Time Should I Book My Session For?

Please ensure you schedule your child's session for after their nap time. Tired children do not make happy photos. If your child's nap time is likely to change, I am normally flexible enough to alter the time of the session usually up to the week before the session. If on the day, it means waking your child before the nap has finished, please ring me to discuss and if time allows we may be able to let your baby sleep that little bit more.

I Have Booked. What Now?

Once you have submitted the booking form and paid the booking fee, you will need to choose the styling of the cake smash session with choices of background, bunting, outfits and cake decoration. Any additional products such as Personalised Mini Bunting must be paid for at the time of ordering. Some background/bunting styling options can be seen on my Pinterest page Pinterest Cake Smash Styles or by searching through the photos of past cake smashes in my Facebook Cake Smash photo album Cake Smash Photos Please note that occasionally, the child's own outfit and cake may appear in the photos, so cannot be provided.

The photos on Pinterest are just ideas to inspire you and can be adapted. If you don't mind what your background is like, but just want to have it in a general colour, please let us know and we'll design the set for you.

Styles should be chosen as soon as possible as additional materials may need to be ordered.


Will You Contact Me Again Before the Session?

About a week prior to the session, you will be contacted to firm up arrangements and times. Cakes for sessions including them, are ordered at this time so we'll need confirmation that the booking will be going ahead before this is ordered. If we do not get any response to our emails, a text or other message may be sent to seek the confirmation. If we still have no response from you, we will assume you have decided not to go ahead with the session and the cake will not be ordered. If you are planning on being away on holiday the week before the session, please make contact before to firm up the arrangements.

What If My Child Has Allergies?

It is essential that you notify me if you or your child have any allergies, especially to cats. I have two cats which, although they will be removed from the area for the session, will have been in the general area beforehand.  If your child has food allergies and we are supplying a cake for your session, you may want to think about providing your own cake. For an additional £10, cakes can be made for special dietary needs. However the cake may be made in an area that is not free from the particular allergen and therefore it cannot be guaranteed that your child does not suffer from any reaction. Neither Bright Eyes Photography, nor Totally Scrumptious can be held liable for any reaction in this regard. You may want to consider a sugar-free jelly smash, or meringue & fruit smash?

What If I Am Late?

If you're going to be late, let us know. Unless contact is made to advise of a later arrival, your session is considered cancelled if you are more than 30 minutes late in arriving. No refunds, credit or rearranging will apply and a fee of £40 will be invoiced to cover time spent on setting up and waiting for the session to begin.

Can I Bring the Child's Grandparents and my other children?

Due to safety and insurance issues, no more than 4 people, including the birthday child, should attend the session. Unless they are taking part in the photo session, older siblings should be not be brought along if possible, especially those in the 2-5 age range as they are less likely to want to sit still for an hour and there is nowhere for them to play or run around. If this is likely to be a problem, please contact me to discuss.

Can I Bring My Pushchair Indoors?

Due to limited space in my home studio, I do not have indoor space to store prams and pushchairs so please bring rain covers if the weather is wet. Car seats can be accommodated.

Can I Take my Own Photos?

Copyright under UK law covers the styling of the session as well as the photos.  derived from it. Using your mobile phone or other recording device whilst at the session, infringes copyright law and is strictly forbidden. In addition, using your phone or any other camera,  may interfere with the wireless functions of my equipment causing my flash synch to fail leading to a missed shot of your child. We therefore respectfully request that they are not used during the session.

Will I Get Photos Exactly Like on your Website?

Children of 12 months old will not be put in a pose. We can sit them in various ways to try to get them to give us the photos that we want, but in a baby-led activity such as this, perfect poses are not guaranteed. All results are different, just as your child is different from the next. You will probably receive action photos of them reacting to the cake as well as ones where we try get them to look at the camera.  Every effort will be made to create cute photos of your child though come prepared to sing, cheer, clap and laugh to ensure your baby feels happy and relaxed.

Will I Get Messy?

Yes you will! Your baby will likely need repositioning several times through the session as well as many children often need a reassuring cuddle. Please don't wear your best clothes!

How Long Does the Photo Session Last?

Cake Smash/Smash & Splash/Paint Splash/Jelly Smash sessions take around 60 minutes depending on how well your child settles. We try to keep it short as they get bored very easily though some children are happy to take a bit longer.

What if My Baby Cries/Becomes Distressed?

Most children will settle after a short break with a cuddle, a quick feed or a drink. We can distract them with singing or just doing something different. However if at any time during the session, you feel your baby has either eaten too much or has simply just had enough and is becoming distressed, then the session will stop at your request.

What if My Child Misbehaves or Won't Have Photos Taken?

Children are children so it is quite normal for them not to behave in the way we would desire them to. You are responsible for your child's behaviour and safety whilst on the premises. Any disruptions, wilful damage to equipment or property or any other occurrence which is deemed unacceptable, will mean the session will be terminated. If they are of an age to totally refuse to have photos taken and no photos at all are obtained, a fee of £40 will be payable instead of the package balance. This charge covers my costs and time on the day.

Will You Put My Child's Photos on Facebook?

Sneak Peeks are sometimes displayed on Facebook/Google+/Instagram though never without your express permission. These must only ever be Shared or Tagged. Images are usually very low resolution and contain semi-invisible watermarks. Screenshots, copying, downloading or using with cropping of logo are strictly forbidden. My page can be found at and Instagram

How Soon After the Session will I get to see my Images?

All images require processing and editing and I work on a 7-10 day turnaround time. At busy times this can be longer though can often be shorter than the time stated. Please ask for an estimation at your session. You will be presented with a private passworded gallery from which to choose your favourite images included in your package. There will also be a price quoted to purchase the additional images should you wish to buy them, but there is no obligation or hard sell. Once you have chosen, the images will be available for download within a few hours or if you have purchased a USB drive, this will normally be despatched within a couple of days. For prints, these can take 2-3 weeks longer as I batch orders together twice per month.

Will You Post me my Photobook? 

While prints and usbs can be sent in the post, please note that Photobooks, Photobook & USB Combo, Aluminium panels and foambacked prints all need to be collected. Postage may be considered at cost to yourself for a reputable insured service.

These FAQs form our Terms & Conditions. If you have any queries regarding the content, please make contact within 7 days of receiving this. No contact within this time will be taken as full acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.

Updated January 2018

Jo Hennessey trading as Bright Eyes Photography

You can download a pdf copy of these terms and conditions HERE