Unconvential Weddings

Wedding Photography for People Who Hate "Weddings"


I am a photographer that hates weddings. I hate the pomp and ceremony, the etiquette, the "should do's", the "should haves" so much so that I have refused wedding photograpy up to now.

I got thinking one night, what if there were actually people like me, hated the "done thing" but still wanted photos to record their special day, be it in a shed or in a church?

Ok I have been married twice, both down the non-traditional route.(Could NEVER see myself in a meringue dress!)  I always made sure I was not compromising what I wanted and made sure that I avoided the aspect of "weddings" that I hated, the hats, the speeches, the cake...The very last time I got married, (2nd and LAST time and TEN very happy years ago btw)  I was fortunate to marry someone who shared my dislike of the pomp and we were lucky to be able to organise the ceremony our way.

If you are getting married by July 2018, are NOT wearing "THE" white dress, do NOT have high expectations of the traditional family group photos, nor intend following any of the etiquette,  but just want some honest photos as they are happening, reportage style, I would love for you to be my models. Ideally within 25 miles of Stevenage on the dates I have free. Same sex couples please feel free to apply. Don't expect organised group photos though a photo of the entire wedding party, if possible, can be taken.

Three hours of my time are on offer for your wedding.  To apply, send me an email telling me WHY I should choose you and your intended to be my models. You will both be required to sign a full model release for use of photos on social media, websites and any other advertising. In addition, you may need to ensure that your guests are happy with appearing in any of the photos which may be used. In return you will receive edited digital images on a USB, a MP4 photo slideshow to music, and a photo album of your day at cost price.

I have not done a wedding before but hope that my portfolio on this website and my social media sites can speak for my reputation.


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