Treats & Rewards - More Tales from the Cake

"I'm bored!"

"Can we go home now?"

"I want some sweeties."

"I don't want to!"

Be honest, how many of these have you heard your children say when you're simply just trying to get something done? Supermarket shop? Visiting family or friends? Having their photos taken?

Every day, at Bright Eyes Photography, we see children being bribed, cajoled and begged for good behaviour so that nice photos can be taken. As parents, we want that "perfect photo" and winning smile, though telling most little ones to smile always has an undesired effect of false smiling with their teeth and not their eyes.

The perfect solution, of course is to make them laugh, so it's a good idea to have a think about what makes your child laugh the most? We regularly invite mums and dads to play music on their phone and dance around and we all know that watching our parents dance is hilarious! Peek-a-boo works for the younger ones, as does singing and clapping or just general silly behaviour by parents.

We try to keep studio photo sessions as short as possible as we know that children get bored easily. I'll work them hard and try a few tricks to get the best photos so sometimes sessions might go on a bit longer, so that's when the bribery starts.... plan your own ahead!!! :-)

These two had definitely had enough I think, though they had worked hard with lots of outfit changes and super posing beforehand, helped along by a bit of mum's silly dancing. They just wanted to leave to get their treats :-)


With thanks to Molly and Grace who were AMAZING 

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