Mothers And Daughters - A Personal Project

As a photographer, I love to be offering the styles that people want but I also like to push myself, and to learn and practise new things;  so this summer I took on a personal project.

When I started this project, I was not after that perfect pose or photograph. It was more about different feelings and emotions that we go through as mothers and daughters, and celebrating the connection between the two, along with their likenesses and differences. My subjects, who are not professional models, were not asked to give me their biggest grins. Instead it was suggested they seem Happy, Solemn or Tender.

I learned a lot doing this project and intend to take these sessions forward to next year when I will offer them for Mothers Day, though maybe I will be expecting smiles all around at those.

Here are a few of the results.  Many thanks to those who posed for me :-)

Jo HennesseyComment