SIX Years Old!


WOW....SIX years old... Bright Eyes is 6 years old today...six years since I purchased my URL and 6 years since I took out my business insurance.  Six years since I took a huge breath and jumped in feet first. I can't pretend I knew everything then, in fact I don't feel as if I know everything now. There is lots more to learn and this year I am investing in more training in different genres of photography.

I never went to University or college to learn photography but have done many training courses within the industry which taught me about light and styling and I have continued to learn with a strive for perfection.  There'll always be better photographers, cheaper photographers, photographers who do weddings or the perfectly posed newborns, but something I learned early on was to only ever compare myself to the photographer that I used to be. 

Photography was not my chosen profession. From school I worked in an office block for an insurance company which was extremely well-paid except I was miserable there.  Thirteen years later I was given a chance to get out and went to work for a travel company where I worked for 9 years. This was the total opposite to my previous job, huge enjoyment but really poor pay.  Now later in life and living  in a town that's not my home town, nor having any family around, it was important to me to be around for my daughter who was 6 when we moved here, and I couldn't do that effectively taking a part time job that required me to work during the school holidays. I therefore did numerous part time, school time jobs for a few years, including being a dinner lady! Then, in 2012, I found my niche.

Actually, my niche, that elusive little thing, had been right there all along, following me in life but never really showing itself. After taking a photo of my daughter on her first birthday (with a very dodgy point and press camera), I vowed to ensure photos were taken at every birthday as she grew up so I could have a permanent record of her growing. She was 18 last week and yes, we did it, and having her as my muse made me push to get a better camera, improve my skills and explore the craft of photography more and more.

So I don't compare myself to other photographers.  I don't think, "I should be doing so and so because X is or Y is."  I just compare myself to the unhappy, unfulfilled person I was in my younger  life and know that I am happy and content just being me and doing what I do.

If you like my photos then please let me know; it's lovely to hear from people and that I am appreciated. If I am not for you then hey it's great, everyone has different tastes, different budgets, different expectations so go on right now and find that different/cheaper/more experienced photographer that you love as there is room for plenty of us out there.

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Jo Hennessey

12 March 2018


A photo I took yesterday...

fine art hertfordshire
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