Shell Belles!!!!!!

Last weekend was a product shoot when we had both children and "products" in the studio!

Meet Lillie and Callum, perfect models for Shell Belle's Easter tshirt and balloon combo!

Michelle of Shell Belles Boutique in Welwyn Garden City, was keen to showcase her work with custom printed t-shirts and personalised balloons as well as other organic balloon creations, a service she provides for birthdays, christenings and other celebrations.

Michelle said she had always been creative and had tried her hand at various things over the years, but feels she has really found where she belongs in the balloon industry.

She said, "It is fun, creative and ever-changing and that's what I love about it! This is a new adventure for me and I am super excited to see where it takes me. It has already grown beyond my expectations, so I have had to build a summerhouse to be my balloon studio! It's almost finished and I cant wait to move everything down there and make the space my own."

"Being a small local business, it was really important to me to reach out to other businesses in the community that complement mine, so Jo at Bright Eyes seemed like a good idea. The shoot went really well and I am so happy with the results; I am looking forward to the next one!"

Here's Lillie again in a "Big Sister" t shirt beside a rainbow organic balloon arch, both created by Michelle. 

organic balloon arch welwyn

Michelle is THE person if you're wanting balloons at your event - she has even attended a training course run by Qualatex and is currently building her own custom space to work from.

Why not check out her website at


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