Print What You Want To Preserve


I'm not sure who coined this phrase recently but it's a great phrase to live by.

Technology is fast! We've gone from vinyl records, to cassette tapes, CDs, now we have usb drives, MP3 players, micro SD cards and cloud storage to store everything.

But what happens if technology fails? External hard drives fail to start up, a usb drive is lost in a house move, your phone is stolen or heaven forbid, your cloud account is hacked?

In the "olden days" we didn't have this problem. Many a rainy Sunday afternoon I would sit, as a child, going through family photos from the bottom of my parents' wardrobe. I think it was around this time that I fell in love with photography. Photos would be black and white, later colour, often a bit tatty or worn but well looked-at. The oldest one we possess as a print actually goes back to 1916 and is of my great grandfather when he went to war; sadly, like many, he did not survive but we have something tangible, a photo of the person he was; he existed.

The prints themselves are real physical things, their tattiness proving just how old they are, but they are here and they are being looked at and appreciated.

The digital age has meant our stash of photos would fill our house if we printed everything like we used to have to. But this has also given us the chance to be selective and only print the best. But print we must, even if they are cheap supermarket prints where the colours aren't quite right - at least it is printed and displayed for others to enjoy, not stuck on a usb drive in a drawer somewhere gathering dust. The print is a lasting record, pass the favourites down and in many years to come, your great great grandchildren will be looking at a print of you in wonder.

The digital age has also allowed us to scan and share old photos like we could never before. But had we not had the old tatty prints, that had been cared for over the years, then quite probably there'd be nothing to scan.

So print the best of your digitals, exist in photos for your future generations and Print what you want to Preserve.

Here's a small selection of old photos that I scanned in. These included parents, grandparents,  great-grandparents, siblings and even me! :-)

Jo HennesseyComment