Fine Art Portraiture Workshop

At the beginning of December I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with Magdalena Sienicka, a studio photographer in Kettering, Northamptonshire, reknown for her quirky fine art style.

As an artist always wanting to improve, and hungry to try something new, I spent a day shooting with 7 other photographers and learning tips and tricks that were extremely useful.  I love this posed style though I do understand that it isn't to everyone's liking. 

The models used on this workshop were not encouraged to smile, but merely to follow posing directions and keep good eye contact with the camera. This will, of course, produce a more classic portrait, but not the smiling, happy faces that parents often love. 

Magdalena doesn't like paying a lot for some props and showed us how cheap things, often hand-made or found in a charity shop, can be made into props that were visually stunning.

These are the photos, styled by Magdalena, shot and edited by me.

In 2018 I am hoping to do a few model sessions to practise what I have learned and build upon that skill. I have definitely learned to think outside that box!!  I would be grateful to hear from anyone who likes this style of photography as much as I do and feel they have a child that would be great at posing for this type of photo.