A common theme through my blogs is how important it is to EXIST in photographs and to PRINT them. If you read my last blog, you'll know that my Dad died in the summer. Scrabbling around for photos was relatively easy - or at least for the recent ones. The knowledge of certain photos that I wanted to see again, frustrated my thwarted efforts to locate them.

Six weeks on, yesterday in fact, I was clearing out an old dusty bookcase. Tucked behind a large book that had not moved for a good few years, I came across a small slip-in photo album, spilling out with a wad of childhood memories. This was it. The sole purpose of these "Print What You Want to Preserve" posts. Skimming through photos of childhood holidays, two sisters, laughable 70's hair styles and fashion and the youth of our parents. It conjures endless sunny days, sandcastle building, hot vinegary chips, pockets full of sea-shells, candy floss, 'pop' and crisps and wearing our 'best dresses' in the evening. A time when childhood memories, awash with innocence, knew no other.

Of course I scanned the photos to share on our private family group but here are a few to share the memory. Just remember to EXIST in those photos for your kids and PRINT them!