Baby Beautiful!

All babies are beautiful! After the newborn baby stage where you can achieve those curly poses, the next best time to photo a baby is when they are sitting up by themselves, before they start to crawl. This differs from child to child but is generally between 6-9 months.

Today, Rory was brought by his mum for a sitter session. He's a lively smiley happy boy with the most gorgeous blue eyes and dimples, though he only showed me the dimples once at the beginning, when I didn't have the camera on!  At just 6 months, he was sitting up though a little wobbly at times so mum stayed nearby to catch him. We used two outfits, the first red one by Knitz and the second cream one was made by CrotchetBabyBunny. We tried him in a couple of boxes to steady him, then put him in the bath tub afterwards for a few more cute shots. Bunting was made by Buttoned Up and Pinned Down 

Sitter sessions are available weekdays only. If you want more information go to the "Before I Am One" tab in the menu or click HERE