A Girl's Gotta Snap!

There's nothing as disappointing as a last minute postponement of a session.

Of course it's always disappointing to know that a little one is ill and suffering and can't make their photo session with me and I'm always the first to wish them well and attempt to reschedule their session.

Being a creative sort of person, sometime I just have to snap! The previous day I had taken delivery of a brand new Mmilo chair, ordered specifically with studio use in mind. With the studio already set up and ready to go, and myself poised and itching to snap, and the chair looking in need of someone to sit in it, what better idea than to advertise for a last minute model?

Leo was here within 2 hours, his mum a friend of a previous client, and also brought his granny for backup smiles. As it was so last minute, I went through my clothing collection for things that would fit, pulling out the superman and batman outfits as well as a cowboy one and a printed vest.

Welcome to the new mini sessions for 7-18 month olds! A short 20 minute session which can be done entirely in the new chair with different outfits, or split over 3 elements with O,N and E letters, and a dry bath-tub session with ducks.

Thank you Leo! :-)