200 Cake Smashes

It hardly seems like any time at all since my 100th Cake Smash in October 2015 when Sofia received a free cake smash as a surprise! Well it's been a busy year and the number currently stands at 175 so that magic number of 200 will arrive in due course. 

100th cake smash

So I've been thinking. What way to commemorate this time? Well I've decided that as I love our photobooks so much there'll be a FREE photobook for the 200th occuring cake smash.  

It DOESN't matter when you book, and you may be in place to be the 200th for a while then I'll fit in some more bookings beforehand so it'll all change and someone else will claim the spot; for this reason it'll be a closely guarded secret until it happens!

Details of this offer will be promoted in September along with further details of our gorgeous little 8x8 photo storybooks... 

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