Celebrate any Birthdays from age 1

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Why not allow us to create a beautiful birthday memory for your child?

As well as cake smashes and paint splashes, we also run many different mini sessions for birthdays. They do not have to be for birthdays but what better way to mark a milestone in your child’s life than to celebrate with a photo session?

Birthday mini sessions are short sessions, ideal for budget-conscious parents or for those who only wish to have a few photos.

While not compromising on quality, these short sessions are your chance to receive beautiful professional photos of your children.

Why not come back next year and the year after and create an everlasting memory as your child grows and changes? Think of a beautiful photobook to present to them as a fully fledged adult, containing photos of themselves as they grew. Their own children will be fascinated to look at this book, as will their grandchildren. Don’t put it off any longer, start creating those memories now!


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Year 1 Mini Session

For cake smashes please visit our main Cake smash page here CAKE SMASH

A great alternative to a cake smash is a mini session. This comprises photos in the white chair, on the floor with the O, N & E letters and a couple more poses of your choice. Coloured paper backgrounds, used for the cake smashes, can be used for these sessions. Sessions are more successful with children who are not yet walking. 30 minute session with 5 digital downloads and one mounted 16x12 print £125

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Year 2 Mini Session

Two year olds, generally do not do very well in a mini studio session as all they want to do is run around and cannot always understand reasoning. Why not look at our Paint Splash session page which will cater better for a 2 year old’s need?


year 3 birthday mini session

*BIRTHDAYS Years 3 to 9

We have a variety of things to help your child both celebrate and commemorate their birthday. At this yearly milestone, you can book in year after year to permanently record the progress your child makes.


These can be tailored to suit with different colour background or styles

30 minute session with 5 digital downloads and one 16x12 print £125

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These sessions are suitable for a child that knows what they like and can tell you! These can be added onto another session or just a standalone session with one favourite photo chosen from a ten minute session.

One 16x12 print on black foamboard with one digital download £65

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Your child can wear up to 4 outfits which depicts the things they are interested in. Together with a decorated number, favourite toys and outfits, this can be a great memento for a birthday. Suitable for children from 3 years up to 130cm.

30 minute session with one 20x20 print mounted onto white foamboard and one digital download £125

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A fantasy creations session is ideal for kids who like to dress up in their favourite costume. As a pay-off for a more serious portrait session, your child gets to have photos taken in their favourite superhero or princess outfit. With the aid of some digital magic, we create a huge poster for their wall.

30 minute session with five 12x8 prints, one digital download and a large poster for your childs bedroom wall £125

Add 5 digital downloads for just £45

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Our triplex sessions give just that, a triplex presentation pack in a choice of leatherette or fabric colours. These can be put on display or folded and stored in a bookcase. Why not add to them year after year? Three micro sessions can be in different places. One posed photo in the studio and the other two can be in a variety of places, inside, outside or against a digital backdrop. Where possible we can go to a location in the local area, but due to restrictions put on photography in places where other children are, this may not always be possible.

3 micro sessions, 1 triplex containing three 7x10 photos, 3 digital downloads £75

Your child's birthday session can be tailored to their needs. Please feel to enquire and discuss your ideas with us.  These sessions are mini sessions and are therefore not suited to siblings/family groups. Siblings and family groups can be catered for though the pricing structure will differ.

  Large prints, mounted prints, acrylics, aluminium floating panels and further digital images can be purchased at additional cost. Please ask for a quote. 

Booking fee £25 for any of these sessions to secure your place then remainder to be paid on the day. Booking fees are non-refundable but you can rearrange subject to notice and availability.

*All ages quoted are general guidelines, based on a typical child of that age. Please discuss with us to assess your child’s suitability if you’re unsure.

To enquire about availability of any of the above sessions, please use the contact form below or call 0774 8651523 (office hours only please)

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