My Diet Cola Addiction

How did I swap THIS……


For THIS…..


I had a diet cola addiction for as long as I can remember. It started about 25 years ago when I learned to like it as it was the only sugar-free soft drink available when out and about. Now we have bottled water and sprite zero and a few other things which are sugar-free so there is more choice.

Never having liked tea or coffee, I soon became a regular drinker, eventually finding cheaper supermarket brands more fitting to my pocket and once I got “used to it” they didn’t taste bad either. Not restricted by the (cheap) price, I drank more and more, and 2 litres per day over the past few years is probably a good guess at how much I was drinking.

Of course I was aware about the bad press, how it cleaned a toilet, what it did to your bones etc etc etc….I tried cutting down on numerous occasions. by alternating with water but that fizzled out too.

I was reassured by the supermarket brands changing over to the use of sucralose for the artificial sweetener, and justified myself that "at least I am not drinking aspartame or sugar" so it was the least worst version that I was having.

I hardly ever drank water. Diet cola was my first drink of the day, and my bedside glass had it in too! I would be twitchy if I had not had any for half an hour, always having sipped it constantly through the day. I couldn’t go out for a journey in the car without some in a bottle (or I would buy Pepsi Max or Diet Coke in a small bottle) Going to my mums house, and my mother-in-laws house, they would always try to “have some in” for me as they knew I drank little else.


Diet Coke/Pepsi Max/supermarket diet colas are a drink many of us hate to LOVE! But at what price?

Ingredients of Diet Coke "The Real Thing"

1. Carbonated water  - too much can leave you feeling bloated. If you suffer from IBS you should avoid

2. E150d - Caramel colour - some studies show that a possible carcinogen, 4-methylimidazole - is formed during the manufacture of some kinds of the colouring. You can read more about this here Does E150d cause cancer?

3. Phosphoric Acid - Phosphorus lead to loss of calcium through the kidneys. This, as a result, can lead to low bone density

4. Aspartame - there has been a lot of bad press about aspartame. It is claimed that aspartame causes Parkinsons and damages the brain in other ways. The big pharma companies in the USA have put out counter reports but at the end of the day, a lot of companies have switched to sucralose or stevia, avoiding aspartame altogether. Read more on this important issue here Affects of Aspartame on the Brain

5. Acesulfame K - This is a controversial ingredient. Deemed safe in small quantities, it can certainly be easy to overdo it (you need to drink more than 20 cans of coke zero per day) have a look at an article here Acesulfame K

6. Natural flavourings including caffeine  - what natural flavourings? In addition to their flavour source (which must be animal or plant based) these mixtures can contain more than 100 different chemicals, including preservatives, solvents and other substances.  Read more about this here

7. Sodium Citrate


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